5 Ways To Stop Being A Perfectionist

Being a perfectionist can destroy you so much in life without you even realize it. Being a perfectionist is definitely one of the thieves of joy. Whether that be wanting to post a picture on social media but don’t want to post it because it’s not your perfect, or starting a business but don’t start because you don’t have the perfect equipment’s, or even trying to impress someone. Perfectionist is draining and you should stop it right now to be at peace.

           Stop Caring

Caring on how perfect you are  or something it’s not going to make a different because no matter what, it’s not going to be that perfect for some reason. So, therefore don’t stress your yourself too much on it. Caring too much can make you try to make the thing so perfect to the point that it’s no-longer perfect, try to have a care free mindset so you can be at peace with yourself. Caring is not going to solve the problem but make you unhappy that the thing is not perfect. Quit caring of how perfect things are so you can be happy.

            People Don’t Notice

The thing you’re trying to make perfect half of the time most people don’t notice it, unless you yourself open your mouth and let them know about it. What’s your worst is somebody else perfect and what’s your perfect is somebody else worst. You always don’t know how people view things, everybody has a different prospective on how they view things. Even when someone notices it, it’s not going to be the end of the world. Your still will be alive, and well life will still go on.

           Don’t Overthink


Overthinking can make you start picking at every little thing that once has no issue to you, you will start going in details on what needs to be fixed and what not. Leave things as they are and stop picking on them, so they don’t become imperfect to you, they are nothing wrong with them. You overthinking it makes it have an issue. Overthinking can make you not be satisfied with the thing which is so unhealthy for you mentally, physical, and even financially. Don’t go broke trying to make something perfect because it might not be wort it simply it still won’t be perfect. This blog post will be helpful:

            Pretend It’s Perfect

When you pretend that the thing is perfect you become stress free since you put it in your mind that they are nothing wrong with it and it’s perfect the way it is. You gain a peace of mind with this strategy by completely ignoring the imperfect, life is too short trying to make something perfect. Sometimes you just have to ignore certain things for your own happiness. Pretending things are perfect in your imagination is exactly the result you are going to receive a happy you because you are convincing yourself that things are perfect the way they are.

            It’s Life

Nobody is perfect on this earth even this earth itself therefor, no matter how hard you try it’s not going to be perfect by any mean. That’s how life goes, perfect don’t exit. Know everybody on this earth has flaws. You just need to have that mentality to make things easy for you, except things the will they are because it’s probably not going to make a different no matter how much you try. Life is weird, half the time it doesn’t go on your way but half time it goes your way if your lucky enough. Embrace the way life trow things at you whether it’s perfect or not perfect to be happy with your life.

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