7 Ways To Stop Being Broke

These 7 ways to stop being broke will be so helpful, it is important to do them in order for you to stop being broke. Being broke can cause one depression, low-self esteem and even committed suicidal. It’s really, really a serious topic that needs to be taken serious.

1. Get A Side Hustle

A job besides your regular job is a great way to bring extra income to your pocket. It will feel so good making a lot of money even though it might be hard but you have to go through it because the peace will be rewarding. And even something happens to one job you still have a job. Moral of the story have a multiple streams of income so you don’t go broke.

2. Stop Spending Money On Unnecessary Things

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You do not need that “item” stop following trends and being a follower, if you want it but you do not need it notices I said “don’t need it” than don’t buy it. For your own sanitary because that item is going to be somewhere in your house without ever using it for a single day.

3. Cut Down On Outside Food

Food can cost a lot so, therefore you have to be careful how you spend your money on it, especially that we love food and find our favorite restaurant the convenient way. So, we rather give then our last piece of dime which is unnecessary. Learn to love your own cooking and enjoy it so that way you can stop being broke. This blog post will be helpful

4. Save

Saving is so important for raining days. You never know what life will throw at you tomorrow that’s why you need to learn how to save even it’s a small amount just save something. Because you will definitely regret it when you go broke and have no money saved up, you will start to day dream about the money you had and wish how you had treated it bettered or how you will treat your next money. Avoid those thoughts and regrets by starting a good habit now saving to prevent you from those things in the future.

5. Stop Looking

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We can get bore sometimes but that doesn’t mean you show use that time to search the web, the same thing goes for store. Stop going in stores looking at items even though you tell yourself your not going to buy nothing because you’re liking going to end up buying something. You end up seeing something you like and buy it which will drain your pocket, so don’t do it to yourself. You might get bored but there are plenty of activities you can do beside looking around in stores or online. Hope this part made sense.

6. Invest

I know not everyone has a business mindset, but you can do some kind of investment to grow your money over the time. For instead you can lend your money to a family member, a friend, strangers, and charge them interest like the bank just like how they would take out a loan from the bank because at this point your the bank. Invest in a stock market, bond, and bitcoin. These will grow, your money overtime without you even realizing it.

7. Minimize Outing

Stop accepting every invitation, and start saying no now and then so that way you can stop being broke. To be honest a lot of those outing are not enjoyable, you are more likely going to be wasting your time and money so you might as well stay in your house and enjoy your own company for your own heath. Be at a safe and calm place at your own house choose you first.

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