9 Ways To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal feeling. For some, they see anxiety as a part of them. Anxiety is a biochemical response to what has not happened yet. Whether that is an upcoming test, presentation, or you are just feeling overwhelmed.

Take the initiative
Now you may wonder why I said anxiety is a biochemical response. I could have just said anxiety is the bodily response to upcoming situations that we fear. They both mean the same thing, but the difference is that the body’s response is not the same as your response. There are many things we are not able to control. The key is not the circumstances that you face but your response. All anxiety is, is a chemical response in the brain. It is up to you to decide if you will let that govern you or break that cycle of helplessness and do what needs to get done.

Step Away
Sometimes, the most effective way to handle anxiety may seem like it is aiding your helplessness. However, distracting yourself does not mean you are weak in any way. You have a life, and anxiety will not come back later when you have time. It can be hard to focus while stressed, sometimes the best thing you can do is exercise. Scientists have proven time and time again that exercise is the most beneficial method to tackling mental wars. There are no downsides to exercise.

Breathing, one of the essential functions most humans can perform. While anxiety can heighten heart rate, elongating your breathing is known to calm you down. Your heart rate can become on par with that of the heart of someone who just ran a sprint. What do sprinters do when they have finished a race? They breathe in through their mouths. Mouth-breathing helps oxygen enter their body faster, relaxing the body’s muscles and replenishing the lost oxygen. A well-known and effective breathing technique is known as the 4-7-8 technique.

With proven benefits, it is a wonder why nearly only a tenth of Americans practice meditation at least once throughout the year. We use our brains all day. Mindful meditation is concentrating on making sure you clear your thoughts. Think of it as you are giving your computer a needed restart. If you are new, there are plenty of videos and apps to help you get started!

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
Did you know nearly half of all Americans believe in ghosts? There is a common understanding in many Asian cultures. That ghosts haunt you when you are at your lowest. When you are stressed, upset, or feel you have no motive in life, is when ghosts haunt you. That adage may not be wrong. The way you treat your body reflects how your mind will feel. Anxiety is one of the “ghosts” that haunt you when you treat yourself poorly. Inadequate sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, and substance abuse can all cause anxiety.

Stop Scrolling

We are in a digital age, where we have access to food, shopping, and even social connections at the click of a button. Our world is constantly evolving. While our technologies are getting better, studies show that they can become our biggest downfall. While casually browsing Instagram or watching a YouTube video can seem like a break, it can have the complete opposite effect. Being addicted to social media is a common phenomenon today; If you are already having a bad day. You run the risk of being overwhelmed by what is going on in the world. News about racism, war, a friend became ill. Even with these issues, people are susceptible to comparing themselves to what they see on the internet. Why do you not have an impressive shoe collection, washboard abs, or look as attractive as everyone else?

Know yourself
Every single human is different. For reference, that reason is why when examining your anxiety, you will not have every symptom. To add, not everything that works for someone else will work for you. One of the fundamental ways to treating anxiety is knowing how your stress affects you. It would be like using a map for Los Angeles when you are actually in Miami. To get somewhere, it’s not just about the process but the leadership. 

Common Triggers:
Stressful school/ Work Environment
Driving or Traveling

Accept Yourself
Anxiety can be a handful. It can even be frustrating knowing people whose charisma and confidence flow so effortlessly. While you struggle to form words talking to everyone you meet. Most people who suffer from anxiety struggle to find the motivation to change the things that concern them. Instead of blaming factors for why you are the way you are, accept the way you are and the journey you will need to take yourself to new heights.

Another way to quickly distract yourself from what is causing you anxiety can be communicating your worries. Anxiety can be a paralyzing deterrent that will leave you occupied. It can feel like a job, managing mental health. Talking to a friend can not only get your mind off the topic, but sometimes we make problems a bigger deal than what they are. When you hear your thoughts, you may think if it is worth your time worrying. 


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