4 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Not Have It All Figured Out

It’s okay to not have it all figure out, it’s call life. It doesn’t always go your way, you have to know that be grateful of your current life situation whether it’s ugly or not ugly. Being okay to not have it all figured out can lead you to happiness, and less stress out. Having a care free mindset in this situation is the best way to go about it. Check them out down below.

Your Time Will Come

Your time will eventually come as long you have hope and hold on strong to it for a long time. And believe you surely deserve it, then you will get what you believe you deserve. You have to have faith, be patience, and if you are a religion person then you can add a prayer to it. Anything you hold on for a long time, and don’t let go can truly happen to your life. Believe that, think about it, a lot of things you holder on for a long time happened somehow in your life. If not the exact way you wanted but it still happened right? I know it did for me, I always get it in some other format.

It’s Someone Else’s Goal

Your life, Your current situation, the life that you think you don’t have it all figure out is someone else’s goal. They are wishing to be in your position someone else is always going through it the worst then you as long your not dead. For instance, think of the homeless you see on the street at least your not one of them. This is what I mean someone got it worse than you. You never know what people go through, don’t believe people fake social media life and what they tell you. Because one thing about human is they know how to fake things don’t fall for it. The people you wish to have they life some of them wish to have yours. Like celebrities, some of them complain of how they don’t have a privacy that they can’t go anywhere without a paparazzi following them.

You Still Have To Learn

all figured out

Maybe it’s because you still have to go through some error, and trial before you can be blessed with the things you want. You still have to learn from your mistake to become a better version of yourself. You might think you went through all but you haven’t. I myself have found myself in this position a few time, I’ll be like oh I see why this thing didn’t happen the way I wanted it to happen because I didn’t learn. Have you found yourself in that position? Sometime our blessing is blocked because we need to go through something first to learn, so we can know how to handle the thing when we receive it. This blog post will be helpful

That’s Your Life

A lot of time we want to have it all figure it out but in reality that’s the life that was giving to us, maybe you can’t do anything about it, Maybe that’s your destiny. You have to sometime accept thing of the way they are because no matter what you do the situation can’t be change. It can be hard and painful for some of us to accept this reality, but that’s what you have to do is to accept it. Because there is no way it’s going somewhere else. So accept your life the way it is, even though it can be painful but that’s what God had in store for you. I really hope we all get the life we cry for, dream for, pray for and, wish for.

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