2,000 Calories Protein Shake


2,000 calories protein shake to gain weigh fast. To gain weight it’s a must to count your calories. This post is going to be about how to make a 2,000 calories protein shake. Grab your ingredients, GNC pro performance bulk 1340, peanut butter and a whole milk. What I love the most about this is you don’t really need a blender you could simply use a blender bottle.

Step 1: Grab your favorite blender bottle (click on the picture).

Step 2: Pour two scoops of GNC Pro Performance bulk 1340 into the blender bottle (click on the picture).

Step 3: Put two tea spoon of your favorite peanut butter in it (click on the picture).

Step 4: Fill it up with a whole milk.

Final step, shake, shake it. Enjoy.


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