How To Level Up In 2019

We all come from different walks in life whether you are leveling up right now whether you want to begin to level up or whether you have and need a little improvement in your journey they definitely are something to keep in mind anyone can level up. It doesn’t matter were you come from how you were raise all you need to have is an open mind.

     1. Develop a classy mindset

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How you think is going to effect how you do everything. Not be classy make people not  take you seriously and it’s going to effect you in general. People won’t even want to build a relationship with you because they are going to be turned off.

    2. Upgrade your wardrobe

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It’s symbolize a new you. Don’t completely change the way you dress. Having a lot of neutrals is classy, it doesn’t mean you have no color at all but most of your wardrobe should be beige, black and warm color. The more simple you are with your wardrobe the better.

     3. Get a new hustle

Maybe a new job. When you making more money that’s leveling up find your own hustle where you can make money on the side beside your daytime job.

    4. Online appearance

The way you take picture or act online say a lot about you.

    5. Change your circle of friends

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A new circle of friends can allow you to have a new life. Choose quality over quantity. Remove toxic friends cut people off by just having the wrong energy, you want nothing but positive vibe around you or its’s going to bring you down who you surround with have an effect on you.




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