How To Control Anxieties: 3 Ways

When you feel anxiety you feel an overall feeling of anxious, your heart start pounding, your nerve are shock.  When you go through an anxieties attack it’s almost similar to a panic attack. Your mind is all over the place, you can’t really think straight.

1. Stop over thinking

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You will literary think yourself into an anxiety attack. What you think about anything will happen, sometime the situation that we get anxious about it’s not even that serious.

2.  Listen to music

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Listening to uplifting songs that can keep you grounded. Music will boost your mood and help you with your anxieties. Music is a life saver it can be uplifting, inspiring all the emotion anybody is experience there is a song for that.

3. Remove yourself from environment that trigger your anxieties 

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For example club, concert overall around people that you have issue with.


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